Benefits of ComplianceMaker

As your Merchant Services Provider, we are required to adhere to the card brand payments industry requirements in respect to PCI Compliance. We value your business and we want to help you to protect that business by offering you the necessary tools and resources to become and maintain PCI compliance.

To alleviate confusion about PCI compliance and it’s requirements, we have partnered with Sysnet Global Solutions, an expert in the compliance process, to offer you the ComplianceMaker online program. This program makes the PCI validation process fast and easy.

Key Features & Benefits:

Intuitive, Easy-to-use System: ComplianceMaker provides an automated, web-based validation process to help you become compliant and maintain compliance with PCI DSS. Using our application, youare quickly directed to the PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) that is appropriate for your business and generate all the documentation needed including the SAQ, compliance reporting, a PCI Certificate of Compliance and a custom “fix it” or remediation plan to address any issues preventing compliance.

Step-by-Step Guided Process: ComplianceMaker makes the compliance effort simple and efficient, through self-guided educational tools that break down each step of the compliance process. With built-in help and online support, ComplianceMaker helps ensure compliance is an attainable goal for all merchants, regardless of their level of technical knowledge.

Pre-populated SAQs: ComplianceMaker includes “pre-assessment” questions that help pre-fill the corresponding SAQ questions with accurate answers to minimize the amount of questions you must answer. In some cases it’s possible for somemerchants to have up to 85% of their SAQ pre-populated with accurate answers before they even start. The length of the technical questions included in the SAQ can seem overwhelming; therefore, pre-assessment questions are provided as a more accurate and simple way to become PCI compliant.

Built-in Help: Whether you prefer assistance with the PCI process by phone, email or live chat, our dedicated team of PCI experts is available to provide step-by-step assistance for PCI questions of any kind as well as technical support as needed. Our solution includes in-context help for any question on the SAQ as well as PCI Maintenance, Access Control, Firewall / Router and Risk Management Guides that offer step-by-step guidance for managing key areas of security for your business.

Unlimited IP Scanning: For those merchants required to perform scanning of their card-processing environment, ComplianceMaker makes the process simple and even schedules your quarterly required scans for you, without you having to take any extra steps. PCI scans typically cost around $250 dollars. We have negotiated a major reduction in scanning costs to offer these scans to you at:
• $64.95 – Vulnerability Scan – Annual billing option
• $19.95 – Vulnerability Scan – Quarterly billing option
• $7.95 – Vulnerability Scan – Monthly Billing option

Additional IPs can be scanned for just $19.00 each. This fee covers you for one full year of unlimited security scanning. You can set up scans, receive scan status emails and download remediation reports. ComplianceMaker will automatically schedule and perform quarterly scans for ongoing compliance. This fee will be billed to you with your regular account fees and will appear on your monthly processing statement. Remember, non-compliant accounts are subject to monthly non-compliance fees, risk of breach, penalties, etc.

“PCI-Passed” Certificate and Logo of Compliance: After successfully validating your PCI compliance, you can print and display your “PCI-Passed” certificate of compliance, showing customers that you have completed the proper Self-Assessment Questionnaire and have been found PCI compliant per the PCI Security Standards, as set forth by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and endorsed by the major payment brands.

On-going Compliance Support: You can access ComplianceMaker on an ongoing basis to update your SAQ, compliance report and remediation plan. This makes iteasy to monitor your PCI compliance as your business evolves.

Customized Security Policy: Upon PCI certification, a customized PCI DSS compliant Information Security Policy will be prepared by ComplianceMaker based on the particular SAQ document that youcompleted.

Hierarchical “One-to-Many” Feature: For business owners who operate multiple locations, ComplianceMaker consolidates multiple merchants’ information into one single place, streamlining the compliance management process.